Welcome to the Wales Net Zero 2035 Group

News – We have launched our first challenge: How could Wales feed itself by 2035?

What we do

The world is experiencing the disastrous impacts of the climate crisis and is currently off track to avert further impacts.  Leading scientists recently issued what they called “our final warning”. The Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru have jointly invited an independent group to explore how the country can speed up its transition to net zero, and how amending its target to 2035 from 2050 could be made possible. 

The ‘Group’, led by former Environment Minister Jane Davidson, is tasked with: 

  • finding the best examples of transformative change from Wales and around the world and bringing them to Wales; 
  • challenging the Welsh government and Senedd (Welsh Parliament) to go further and faster; 
  • imagining what a fairer, more sustainable future looks like for the Welsh nation. 

Who we are

The Group is made up of 25 independent, unpaid members and includes representatives from the Welsh Youth Parliament. The Group is supported by a Secretariat, alongside the Wales Centre for Public Policy who have also been asked by the Welsh Government to support the work of the Group as an independent institution.