“Swansea Trio part of expert group seeking to reduce Wales net zero target”

Swansea academics are playing a key role in the Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group, see below a link statement from Swansea University and members: Gavin Bunting, Karen Morrow and Jennifer Rudd.


Gavin Bunting: “My ambition for the group is to inspire transformative change, which embraces the Wellbeing for Future Generations Act, to deliver a sustainable and just transition. Wales, once again, can lead the way and demonstrate what can be achieved when there is real commitment and strong ambition.”

Karen Morrow: “The appeal of this group is that it grasps the importance of building law into Net Zero work from the outset. By viewing climate change as comprising not just scientific, technical, and economic issues, but also social concerns, the group is taking a real-world approach to the very real climate challenges we face in Wales.”

Jennifer Rudd : “We are becoming more aware of the climate crisis and what it means for us, but societal, political and economic inertia prevails. The WNZCG exists to imagine the future by pushing the art of the possible.”