The Vision

The world is currently not on track to avert disastrous impacts from climate change. Leading scientists recently issued what they called “our final warning”1. We are already experiencing change in Wales2. Warmer temperatures, rising sea levels, changing rainfall patterns and more extreme weather events are now familiar. Whilst collective action to reduce emissions may limit future impacts, as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change makes clear, significant climate disruption is now unavoidable. As the UK Climate Change Committee has said, immediate steps to adapt and prepare are now necessary.   

The Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru have demonstrated the political will to make tough decisions by coming together to request advice on how Wales can accelerate plans to address this emergency. 

The Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenge Group will explore ways to accelerate the delivery of Wales’ climate change commitments, in a manner that addresses the many related challenges facing Wales, from food and energy security to rural livelihoods and economic opportunity for all. 

Why is what happens in Wales important or of interest to others? In 2015, when the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act was introduced, Nikhil Seth, the UN Assistant Secretary General said, ‘What Wales is doing today, the world will do tomorrow’ as Wales is still the only country in the world with a law to improve the well-being of people today and future generations. In 2023, the UN is creating a global Envoy for Future Generations based on Wales’ approach: