The Challenges

The Group is organising its work through a series of Challenges posed as questions, intended to stimulate thinking beyond the typical boundaries of sectors. Doing so will enable the Group to better identify interventions with potentially transformative impacts. The Group is seeking evidence to underpin accelerated pathways that will achieve net zero outcomes by 2035 and which have co-benefits particularly in the context of a just transition and being nature positive. 

In the context of accelerating delivery of net zero in Wales to 2035, the Group is operating through the lens of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, both its goals and ways of working. Challenges will be launched one at a time, but respondents will be invited to link their proposals to other Challenge areas to demonstrate co-benefits. 

The five Wales Net Zero 2035 Challenges are: 

  1. How could Wales feed itself by 2035?  
  1. How could Wales meet energy needs by 2035 whilst phasing out fossil fuels?   
  1. How could Wales heat and build homes and workplaces by 2035?  
  1. How could people and places be connected across Wales by 2035?  
  1. What could education, jobs and work, look like across Wales by 2035?