Launch of our #1 Challenge: How could Wales feed itself by 2035?

Through initial dialogue the Group has produced draft vision statements to illustrate our direction of travel, and hopefully prompt thoughts on what a food system for Wales could look like in 2035 to achieve net zero and the ambitions of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act. We are interested to know if you agree with these statements and what a 10-year plan would look like to help us get there. 

Vision Statements for How could Wales feed itself by 2035?:  

  • Through a food system that is working alongside nature, reversing the longstanding trends of ecosystem degradation and providing sufficient space for land that sequesters carbon dioxide.   
  • Through a more circular and fairer food system that retains greater value for our economy and takes less from our environment, generating more vibrant rural communities.  
  • Through a food system that is generating healthy outcomes for the people of Wales, reversing the trends on diet related diseases. Where the people of Wales are more informed and engaged in their food system.  
  • Through a food system that is more resilient to changes in climatic and economic disruptions, that ensures high ethical and environmental standards internationally. 

The Group welcomes the submission of relevant views, case-studies and evidence, which can be submitted via the Group’s website: .

Please note that the Group is looking for evidence of what can be done by 2035 and what would need to be in place for that to happen. The first challenge ‘How could Wales feed itself by 2035? will be open from April 26th – June 30th 2023. 

The Group will invite further feedback on its draft conclusions prior to presenting its report to the Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru in the summer of 2024. More details will be provided to respondents in due course.